Rain, rain, rain …

In Diani Beach the rainy season has started. Most of the times, some short rain showers and sunshine alternate, so that one can still enjoy the days on the beach or in the hotel and nothing prevents a untroubled holiday. Today was one of the few mornings where it simply poured without interruption. A grey morning – the start into a supposedly grey day!

We chose this day of all days to distribute the remaining 48 donation packages from last week. Right on time we arrived at the gates of the Diani Sea Lodge, which supports us with its infrastructure. Rain in Kenya almost always means: time delay! So we had to wait a little bit until the Red Cross team and the representatives of the district government arrived. We were able to do without the support of the police today because the number of donation packages was small, the recipients were all informed personally and came in small groups of two one after the other to the hotel premises of Diani Sea Lodge.

One after the other we could cross off the list and in the course of the morning the rain subsided a bit. Because of the weather our distribution took a little longer than planned. People dripped in little by little, but we were able to stay in the dry and did not let the rain spoil our good mood. In the end, the smiles of the different recipients replaced the sun for us today and we think it was a successful completion of our “Maweni Village” campaign. A total of 410 households with about 2,100 people received YOUR support.In the afternoon it is dry again! We make a cash drop and decide to deliver another 300 packages next week. We are not yet allowed to tell you where to …

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