We can finally tackle it!

Early in the morning, and even on the minute, our delivery of the beans arrived at Diani Sea Lodge today. A quick check showed us: the quality is perfect!
The team of volunteers was eager to finally get started. As soon as the truck was unloaded, the delivery arrived from the Shree Greengrocer supermarket. Oil and the essential staple food cornmeal were on the truck.
All helping hands had to be washed properly and despite the heat everyone had to wear their face masks.
The crew of Shree was not only unloading the goods but also offered us to help. There the name Diani Pamoja gets its meaning – we all help together – just awesome!
After a short consideration it was clear: first 7 kilos of beans in the sacks, on top of that – well arranged – 12 kilos of corn flour and next to it, protected from toppling over, another liter of cooking oil. Rope around it, glue on it – this quickly resulted in a hand-in-hand work, as if the team had been practicing for a long time.
After two and a half intense hours, the first 205 packages were stuffed into the truck and ready for pickup on Thursday. Another 205 packages were on the shelves after the well-deserved lunch break with pizza and soft drinks.
Many thanks to all helping hands!
A special thank you goes to the Welcome Inn Hotels (Diani Sea Resort and Diani Sea Lodge), who have provided us with the infrastructure of one of their hotels, and of course to the dedicated team of the Shree Greengrocers Supermarket, who not only helped us with the delivery but also supported us with their truck.

There is one small correction we still have to pass on: The government is asking us to adjust our food packages so that all families receive the same content from all helping organisations and that there is social fairness as far as possible. We have gladly adapted to this request – especially since our packages will become cheaper and we can help even more families than planned!
For the statisticians among us: the team has packed more than 8 tons of food today – let us give kudos to all helpers !

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