Out of the tourism – into the daily life

Through the support of the Kamani Foundation with additional 100 food parcels, we were able to provide food aid to 161 households in Ukunda on Saturday. The Red Cross supported us again and the Sub County Committee helped to organize the whole distribution. The distribution took place at Ukunda Youth Polytechnic. 

Diani Pamoja had a visit from Mambo & Carola – tourists and supporters from Germany. The two of them already helped to pack the food packages the day before. Therefore, we gladly made it possible for them to be present at the distribution of the packages. In the early morning the two were picked up from the hotel and we met with our volunteers at the Polytechnic. We also had to collect the Red Cross again, since there is no budget for “transport” there and the volunteers otherwise don’t know with which money they should pay for the transportation.

One thing in advance: Thanks to the good preliminary planning, the donation went absolutely smoothly!

This time the target group were households from Ukunda that have not been on any salary since March. This is where Corona and the school closures hit the heart of the society. The distribution took place once again under the usual security measures: Washing hands, keeping distance, wearing a mask – just as it is required in Kenya. 

We send our thanks especially to the Kamani Foundation, but also to the Kwale County Government and Red Cross for their support.

And of course, to our guests: Mambo & Carola!

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