DIANI PAMOJA – we help together!

Diani needs you – food aid on the Kenyan south coast

Dear guests and friends of Kenya, dear residents and dear entrepreneurs,

the world is upside down – nothing is the way it was! Within a few weeks, the life of each of us has changed completely due to the corona pandemic.

The situation in tourist areas such as Diani Beach / Ukunda is particularly difficult because not only have many people lost their jobs there overnight, but also the entire environment lives directly or indirectly from the income from tourism. There is almost no other industry. Unemployment insurance, short-time allowance? There are no aids. If the income from tourism is lost, the effects can be felt down to the smallest hut. In addition, many people live from hand to mouth. They are dependent on their daily income and have no savings.

Stay at home! – Stay at home!

Possibly one of the most effective weapons to prevent the spread of corona, however, is not feasible for people here. You have to earn your daily bread – in this case Ugali (corn porridge). One often hears the objection: “We do not die from corona, we will die of hunger”. Some people are already lucky enough to get little help from Europe through the contacts that have been made in tourism. Others have the opportunity to grow vegetables and grains themselves. Most do not have this option, however, and this is exactly where we want to help.

Food aid for the needy

We have started a great project: DIANI PAMOJA!

Our dream: we all now help those who really need it and support the needy with food donations. Who is “We”? We are YOU and ME:

-the residents who live here

-the many guests we can welcome here every year

-Kenya’s friends and lovers

-Companies that are based locally or have connections with Kenya

-quite simply YOU and ME

-Many of our regular guests, friends and acquaintances have already asked what can be done from a distance and we think it’s great that despite the problems we have, people here are being thought of. We need your help – Diani needs YOU!

We want to start by handing out food parcels to the families who are particularly in need. The first batch will be donated by us and we will continue to participate regularly in the coming weeks. But we can’t do it alone – Diani needs YOU!

We know that it is not an easy time in Europe and that there too many people can expect financial losses. Nevertheless, we rely on you – Diani needs YOU!

We have built a website where you can access all further information. Just visit us too

www.facebook.com/dianipamoja or www.instagram.com/dianipamoja.

and inform yourself about the project as such, transparency of the donations and how they will reach the recipients and of course about the possibilities to support us.

Diani Pamoja – we all help together!

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