Monthly balance april & may & June 2020

Incoming DonationsApr.-20May 2020June 2020
Credit Card (USD x 103) – (US$ 5,180.11)533.551,20256.916,34176,860.11
Pesapal Paybill69.480,0015.000,005,790.00
Paybill Damasi Traders190.000,00313.000,0011,600.00
ExpensesApr.-20May 2020June 2020
Oil 69.700,00100.300,0047,600.00
M-Pesa transaction costs83,0049,0098.00


Donations April & May & June20202.728.523,77
Expenses April/May/June 20202.177.680,00
remainung credit 30.06.2020550,843.77

The expenditures correspond to:

  • 1360 donation packages / households(20 kg per package)
  • 6800 persons reached (Ø according to Red Cross Kenya data)
  • 16.320 kg maize flour
  • 9.520 kg beans and 1.360 ltr cooking oil

It was distributed in the following areas:

  • 30.4.2020 & 6.5.2020 Maweni Village (Sub Country Msambweni – Ukunda Ward) incl. Two Fishes, Tandoori, Darad, Searcrest prep. Pr. School
  • 410 packed donation hampers
  • 14th may 2020 Mvumoni Village (Sub County Msambweni – Gombato/Bongwe Ward) – 320 Hampers
  • 28th & 29th may 2020 – Diani Sea Lodge (Casual workers, trainees, beach operators, curio sellers) – 270 hampers
  • 10th June – Wasini Island – 160 hampers
  • 29th June – Leisure Lodge – casual workers & workers, trainees, beach operators, curio sellers, masseurs – 198 hampers

in stock: 2 Hampers and 1 bag of beans a 90 kg

As an aside:
A package costs us about 1,650 Shillings including transport and packaging, so less than 15 Euro. We can keep the costs so low thanks to the support of Shree Green Grocers Supermarket (transport, staff, scales), Diani Sea Lodge (warehouse, staff) and all other volunteers!
The above dollar exchange rate of 103 is used conservatively and is only for calculation purposes at this time. Our annual financial statements are of course based on the current exchange rates of the banks on the day of booking. This means that we show a little less here than we actually received in US$. The amount shown in Kenya Shilling is only for the purpose of an overview in one currency. The correct amount in US$ is shown in brackets.
The purchased goods do not correspond 1:1 to the given donation packages, but vary by their package sizes. Of course, the remaining quantities will be carried over to the following month.

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