Important Info

Project process / concrete measures

With the collected donations, suitable and urgently needed food for affected families in the DIANI BEACH and UKUNDA region will be procured in Diani/Ukunda. By cooperating with a local dealers, we secured discounted prices and tax problems were avoided. Family-friendly hampers are packed with basic foodstuffs and then distributed to the population.

For a fair distribution procedure, the Village-Elders and/or Nyumba Kumi members (i.e. the heads of the municipalities or settlement heads) are commissioned to create lists with names of families/persons who really need this aid action. The Red Cross Kenya will also collect data in the affected villages using a mobile app and the district government will provide another list of families and people in need (including older people, people with disabilities, people with HIV, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, teenagers and single parents as well as people with pre-existing conditions). By comparing the lists, the most vulnerable are identified and, at the same time, participation in other programs should be excluded (avoidance of double reference).

A family representative is reported with an ID number. The customer arrives at the local distribution point with his ID (identity card) to pick up his “family pack” and must confirm delivery with his signature. A member of DIANI PAMOJA who lives in the area of the distribution (and therefore knows many people there) helps to identify the right consignee.

The goods are of course only distributed in compliance with the official requirements regarding “social distancing”, “personal safety” and “hygiene”.


Time schedule


The “DIANI PAMOJA” project is fundamentally designed as an emergency aid project in these difficult times of the corona pandemic in Kenya and will stop as soon as the situation has eased again economically for those affected. The planned period is currently around 3 – 6 months. Depending on the development of the situation in Kenya and in particular in the Diani Beach/Ukunda region, changes in the scope of the assistance may be made. If the project is successful and we can say that we can actually make a significant contribution to the well-being of the population, the project can be transferred to a permanent support process that then aims at “empowerment” instead of immediate aid, ie sustainable support for self-help.

We will inform you about this in due course.

Organization of the project

In order to ensure that the distribution of goods runs as smoothly as possible, the project team works with the Kenyan Red Cross in Diani/Ukunda. Their employees will support us with advice and action as well as their many years of experience. For security purposes, we work with local authorities, local officials and Village Elders. The project will be communicated to and coordinated with the local authorities from Kwale County (responsible authorities for Diani/Ukunda).

For simple communication between the donors and the organization and not to unnecessarily increase the workload of the individual, we only use one email address ( for all project employees in the German-speaking area. E-mails will then be forwarded to the person responsible, if necessary, and will be made publicly visible to everyone in the blog on the website


Financing / transparency:

The members collect money in different currencies in their respective “national language groups” which are either in a so-called “Pesapal” account (see weblink: which is a Kenyan payment system similar to PayPal or an MPESA account (cashless payment system with app for mobile phone users in Kenya). From there, the money will be used for bulk purchases of relief supplies. For tax reasons, these accounts are already registered with the suppliers. The Diani Pamoja team has access to these online accounts, but can only transfer money to the merchant’s bank accounts.

The options for transferring donations are explained in detail under “how to donate” on our website The link “I’m with you !!” leads you directly to the payment options.
The people behind “DIANI PAMOJA” all work voluntarily, unpaid and without any reimbursement of their expenses. The donations are used for the purchase of food (and possibly other relief goods such as soap, water or the like). The cash flow is openly shown and traceable for every donor online on our website The donor data is anonymized so that the donors can find each other, but are not named by their name. We are happy to publish the name behind your donation if requested by the donor. For this, however, we need your short approval by email to

Open Questions?

Please write us if you have any question – we will answer as soon as possible.