About us

About us/ Who we are?

The “DIANI PAMOJA” project is a non-profit organization and consists of residents from a multicultural group of people who live, work and/or do business in the Diani/Ukunda area and are therefore in active contact with the local population. In order to be able to communicate more easily and efficiently, various sub-groups (national language groups) have been formed under the umbrella of “DIANI PAMOJA”, each of which address their fellow countrymen in their own mother tongue and ask for donations. The sponsors of the project are private individuals and companies (hotels, restaurants, safari companies, etc.).
All participants work for DIANA PAMOJA on a voluntary basis, so that the money can be converted 1:1 into food.

Our Team

We are a group of business people at Diani Beach who have been successfully working here for several years.

Denis Moser

DM Tours

Eigentümer von DM Safaris und Shimba Hills Lodge....

Margit Ruggieri

Safari Unternehmer

leitet ein privates Safari Unternehmen "Kiwara Safaris" und lebt und arbeitet...

Mario Atz

Garden of Life

betreibt eine Eco-Lodge in den Shimba Hills seit 2017....

Birgit Rehfeld

Safina Cottage

betreibt seit mehreren Jahren ein Cottage Anlage am Diani Beach....

Steffen Putzker


seit 1998 in Kenia. Der Mann fürs Fischen, Delfin Touren, Jet...