Diani Pamoja – what does this actually mean?

Many questions have reached us – one of them is the one that keeps coming up: “What does Pamoja mean and how did you come up with the name Diani Pamoja?
Pamoja means “together” or “united” in Kiswahili. When we were thinking about a name, the idea “Tuko pamoja” quickly came up. This simply means: We are together. People in East Africa often use it to assure their friends and colleagues of their support. It is a message of solidarity. If you stroll along the beach in Diani Beach, you will have heard this saying from time to time. A beach operator wants to sell you something and you tell him, “Not today, but maybe tomorrow.” Often the answer is “Hakuna matata, tuko pamoja!” – No problem, we’re together!
However, “Tuko pamoja” is a bit politically charged and there are already some organizations that use this name. So it was out of the question for us, of course. We don’t want to compete with other organizations or give the impression that we were part of a political party.
We are all involved in tourism and therefore we always have the beautiful Diani Beach in front of our eyes. It is our sphere of influence and over the years it has also become our home.
And this is exactly where we want to help. So there was nothing more obvious than Diani Pamoja.

Diani Pamoja in the sense of “Diani stands together” – we stand by Diani – you stand by Diani! Being there for Diani and its people together was the basic idea that kept us busy. If we stand together in Diani, we can make a difference. Together we are strong (umoja ni nguvu)!
But we will only become really strong with your help – according to the motto: “Together we can / pamoja twaweza”.

And because many people have Diani Beach in their hearts; because we love this beautiful part of Kenya, with its warm people, the many kilometres long, white, palm fringed sandy beach and the fantastic possibility to start a safari from Diani Beach or to end the safari at Diani Beach – that’s why we say: pamoja milele – together forever …

…in Diani… with Diani… Diani Pamoja

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