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Wine and more started importing wine into KENYA in 2013 under the name “Gourmet Traveller” focusing on wines from Spain and Austria. After a few years, our customers asked for more products from other regions  and so we became a distributor for the main importers in the country.Now we are the biggest wine supplier for Hotels, Restaurants, Cottages and Private Customers in DIANI Beach and its environs. Diani is our Home base and we supply more than 300 customers in KWALE country. We also have customers in Nairobi and other areas which we regularly supply within 24 hours via FARGO courier service.

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We offer a free delivery service within DIANI and VALARIE our wine ambassador is doing wine tasting and paring as well as giving trainings to our customer and bring new ideas to the market. The virtual wine tasting was one of her ideas during the corona crises to entertain the custumers and show them new wines when they stay home save.

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