Kiwara Safaris

“It’s like a present.” – That’s what Margit Ruggieri, the owner of the local safari company KIWARA Safaris still thinks every day after so many years. Those who know her know that safaris and the breathtaking beauty of Africa are her vocation. 

In 1999 she moved to Kenya with her son Mario from the beautiful city of Tübingen to build a future for herself. She built and managed the popular Tarhi Camp in the heart of the Tsavo East National Park for many years. But just entertaining the guests and taking care of everyone’s well-being was no longer enough for her at some point. Therefore she soon started her first safaris with the customers. For one or the other it might be a bit unusual, but Margit has excellent driving skills and discovers even the smallest animal. The Kenyan safari drivers have a lot of respect for her and sometimes even let her give them one or two tips in the bush. She knows Tsavo better than her own handbag. Her son Mario was able to enjoy a very good school education in Kenya and has returned to Germany for a company apprenticeship.

Margit continues to organize and drive unforgettable safaris. Kiwara Safaris is specialized in individual private safaris and offers all kinds of routes throughout Kenya. Besides Margit there are other drivers who are very popular with customers and who also have a very good knowledge of German.

If you are interested in a safari with Margit and Kiwara Safaris, you can get a small impression on the homepage:

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