A 15,000 shilling donation that motivates!

A few days ago, we received a donation of 15,000 shillings. Really great, but actually not so special as to have to report about it. However: The donation came from Kenya. From Kenyans, who are all not big earners. What we had thought at the beginning about Diani Pamoja – Diani stands together – as an expression of solidarity in difficult times, has been fulfilled here. It has touched us and we really love this wonderful example that it is special now and we want to report about it:

27 employees of the Diani Busara Junior School in Ukunda have put aside a part of their salaries to support Diani Pamoja. All of them are people who just have to help their own families by themselves. And yet: They have shown solidarity with those who now have it even harder than themselves. From the caretaker to the teachers to the administration, they are lucky that they all still receive their salaries even though the school is closed. And it is from these salaries that they have now supported us. We think: just great!!!

So, a big thank you to the staff and employees of Diani Busara Junior School – asanteni sana!

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