Food aid

The first groceries bought with your donations are packed. The first families will be happy! Hope that many will follow ..
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Mask requirements

In Kenya, it is mandatory to wear masks on public transport, open air markets and supermarkets. The requirements are being expanded - it will soon be mandatory in public spaces, so that you always have to wear a mask when leaving the house. How can you buy if your income is not even sufficient for food? One of our members has been working on masks since several weeks. Fabrics and rubber bands were bought from our own resources and we started sewing. The knowledge gained about mask production was passed on to other Diani Pamoja sewing projects, so that masks for the population are also made there. The masks were first distributed in the immediate vicinity if necessary. Our members now want to start distributing the masks to the Boda Boda drivers. In Galu, at the hotel complexes, there are always a lot of motorcycle taxis waiting for passengers. As soon as a driver was approached and explained how to use the mask, more and more were added, so that 70 masks changed hands very quickly. Of course free of charge - and of course with information about "social distancing" and how the masks should be washed every day. The drivers were really happy and word got around quickly. On the way back from the tailor, the car only had to stop and the masks were asked - another 100 masks were distributed to the motorcycle taxis and bystanders. The drivers were really happy about the campaign and of course our members were too - a smile won is often worth more than money! A few masks have already been distributed in Matuga and sewing is now being done diligently.
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